Hi, my name is Paul Alders, an e-Learning developer from Amersfoort (The Netherlands) and founder of EyeSpirations.

Over the last 12 years I’ve had the pleasure to work with a lot of passionate people and amazing organizations all around the globe. When I look back at the time behind me I feel grateful that I had the chance to walk my own path and thankful for the (designer) skills that I experienced along the road.

Working in the field of e-Learning development still feels like an adventure, but it can also be tough sometimes. Especially when you want to keep up with all the movements in this business and want to meet the needs of your clients. When I just started my business, designing e-learning was mostly based on transforming a text-heavy report or Powerpoint into an interactive and engaging online training. But all those movements in the world of e-learning development changed the way how people experienced an e-learning course and what they expected from it. Not only technology wise, but also content wise.

Stay Behind The Wheel

To meet the needs of my clients (content wise) I arrived at a junction. The easy road was to hire professional illustrators, photographers and animators for my e-learning projects. The hard road (my choice) was to work on my designer skills.

I took several (online) courses, hired professionals for one on one workshops, read books and spend hours and hours behind the laptop to soak up all the knowledge that I needed to become a self-taught designer and stay behind the wheel of my e-learning projects.


Like most of the people in the e-learning industry I love to share my knowledge. That’s why I started the new service EyeLearn.

EyeLearn has a focus to help organizations and e-learning developers to create ‘better’ content for their eLearning courses. EyeLearn provides tips, tricks and insights about the tools and gear that I am using for my own content creation for e-learning.

a few organizations I’ve met on the way…

don’t take my word for it…

Here’s what my fellow travelers had to say about my services:

Paul from Eyespirations exceeded my expectations by providing above and beyond service. We had an internal miscommunication which caused rework, however Paul was very understanding and offered to help fix the problem. He made it a priority and the fast turnaround was greatly appreciated. His reliability and responsiveness demonstrated that he has his client needs at heart. This is a great service provider always focusing on delivering quality products and keeping customers happy. It’s with pleasure that I recommend Eyespirations (Paul) to other peers/companies looking for interactive e-learning solutions.

Elisa Lin, Compliance & Privacy Manager - Corporate Legal Group at AkzoNobel

The team of EyeSpirations was commissioned to visualize in an indirect way the weight of emotional pain that children face in emergencies. I worked closely with the team of EyeSpirations to produce illustrations that facilitated conversations about difficult emotional topics with children. The illustrations were field-tested in refugee camps around the world and required several adaptations. It was a pleasant and straightforward cooperation. The results are excellent and vital in providing emotional support to children in need.

Koen Sevenants, MHPSS Specialist | Global Child Protection Area of Responsibility (AoR)

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